Taking care of your mental and emotional health

The Counselling and Mental Health Service are still available for appointments during the current closure of the University campus.  If you would like to speak with someone by phone or video chat, please email firstpoint@worc.ac.uk and they can help you book in for a suitable time.

Below is some guidance about taking care of your mental and emotional health, produced by the University Mental Health Advisers Network.


Diagram illustrating information, which is provided below as text.

  1. Be in control
    Develop a routine and plan for a new normal but don’t be a slave to it.
  2. Embrace discomfort
    We push away emotions but this makes things worse. Label your emotions in the moment.
  3. Face facts and plan
    Use reliable information to gather facts. This allows us to plan for our new normal and then help predict.
  4. Identify your thoughts
    Acknowledge and challenge negative thoughts, turn them into a positive.
  5. Anchor in present
    Notice when your mind worries about the future and bring yourself back to the present.
  6. Stay connected
    Counteract feelings of isolation and loneliness by reaching out to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Use helplines when needed.
  7. Limit social media
    Avoid escalating anxiety by not repeatedly searching about the virus and limit time online.
  8. Take breaks
    Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time off. Eat regularly, exercise and get some fresh air.


This guidance was created by UMHAN: the University Mental Health Advisers Network.umo_covid-19-02