University Accommodation FAQs

Living in University of Worcester halls of residence? Check our list of frequently asked questions…

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What’s the first thing I should do when I move into halls?

Upon arrival, please ensure you check:

  • All areas of your accommodation, including communal areas thoroughly.
  • Both sides of your mattress, for any stains, marks or tears.
  • Sink, toilet and shower for issues with tile grout and sealant.
  • Walls, windows, lights, lamps and general cleanliness of the room.

Please ensure that you take photographic evidence of ANY issues present on the day of moving in. You will then need to access your student portal to log these as maintenance requests. Each individual fault should be logged by 20th September 2019 at the latest. Please attach your photographs to this request, so that any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

maintenance myday

It is essential to log and evidence any damage in this way, as it will prevent you from being charged for this at the end of the year.


Can I get access to the internet in my room?
laptopWhen you register as a student you will be able to access Wi-Fi on all sites; all study areas and cafes are covered. If you are staying in halls of residence you will be able to access Wi-Fi in communal areas.

Simply attach your device to the eduroam Wi-Fi and open up a browser. You should be prompted to enter your University username followed by your password.

Please note the username takes the format of your username followed by

If you have issues logging in, you can use the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to help automatically setup your Wi-Fi connection. You can find more information on the links below:

Eduroam Guide
Eduroam FAQ

Wireless network access should be available in all living areas and rooms, apart from Albany and Oldbury House (which have standard broadband connections). Additionally, each bedroom features a wired network port.

If connecting via a network port in your room, simply connect your computer to the port using the University supplied network cable and open a browser. You should be presented with a logon screen. Enter your University ID and password in the space provided. For more information see the quick start guide and FAQ.

If the Wi-Fi or Ethernet port are not working in your University halls of residence, please report it to the ICT Service Desk, which you can access though your student portal.


How do I pay my rent to the University?
If you are a full-time student, your rent can be paid to the University in instalments. This could be three payments across the year, which are usually aligned with your Student Finance maintenance payment schedule, or six equal payments over the first 6 months of the year. You can collect a direct debit mandate form from firstpoint.

Part-time students have to complete their payment plans within their semester of study.


I’ve lost my keys. How do I get a replacement?firstpoint
If you are living in halls or University managed accommodation and have lost your key, you can request a replacement at firstpoint.  They will contact Security and arrange for a replacement key to be made available; there may be a charge for this.  Out of normal working hours, please contact Security, located at main reception on St John’s Campus. You can also telephone them on 01905 855000.


Can I speak with someone from the Accommodation team?
During Welcome Week, the Accommodation team will be running drop-in sessions in firstpoint.  For the rest of the academic year, you can book a 1-2-1 appointment through firstpoint or email the team directly on


What if something is not working/broken in my accommodation?
You need to report any damage or breakages that happen during your tenancy to the maintenance team.  Maintenance requests should be logged online; this can be done by maintenancelogging onto your student portal and selecting ‘Maintenance Requests’.  If your request is urgent and outside of normal working hours, please contact Security, located at main reception on St John’s Campus. You can also telephone them on 01905 855000.

it supportIf the Wi-Fi or Ethernet port are not working in your University halls of residence, please report it to the ICT Service Desk, which you can also access though your student portal.


Do I need a TV licence?
You need to be covered by a TV Licence to:

  • watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV, live TV or on an online TV service such as All4, Sky Go and YouTube


  • download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand. This applies to any provider you use and any device, including a TV, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or DVD/VHS.

Only the ensuite extra halls of residence have a Licence covering the communal area. All other halls will require a Licence to watch in the communal areas and you’ll need a separate TV Licence to watch in your room. Find more information on the TV Licencing website.

If you don’t need your licence for a full 12 months, you could apply for a refund. Speak with a Money Adviser if you need more help.


How can I do laundry on campus?
Launderettes, equipped with washers and dryers are located at both St John’s and City Campus. You can use the machines 24-hours a day and current prices are available in the launderettes.Worcester-003579-UG09

To pay for your laundry, you will need to download the Circuit Laundry App from Google Play or the Apple App Store. First time users will need to register with an email address. You can then “Add Funds” to connect your PayPal or credit/debit card (minimum £5).  For more information, visit the Facilities Helpdesk in the Hines Building.

You can download the Laundry View App to monitor your washing (Android and iPhone) (Select ‘City Campus’ as your university, and then you will be able to select the various launderettes from the drop-down menu.)


Is there a cleaner?
During semester time, the cleaning team will clean the communal areas in halls of residence once a week, on a specific day that you will be notified of. This includes communal bathrooms, kitchens, halls and communal stairwells. Cleaning staff won’t take out rubbish or recycling, so it’s a good idea to make a rota between yourselves to keep up-to-date with this


How do I receive post and parcels?
The University’s post room can only accept post and parcels for students living in University Halls of Residence. For students that have departed from our accommodation, we will return the delivery to where it came from.

The parcel must be correctly addressed as below:

Full Name
Flat + Room Number
University of Worcester
Henwick Grove

Collection times are Monday – Friday between 12:30pm-4:30pm from the Facilities Helpdesk in the Hines building. You must have your Student ID with you. If you would like someone to collect your parcel on your behalf, you will need to email with their name and student number.  We will hold your package for 7 days only. Any items not collected in this time will be returned to sender.

When ordering from Amazon, you can choose to have it delivered to an Amazon Locker. Just select ‘Gauguin’ on the delivery options as your pickup location. This allows you to pick up your delivery at a time that is convenient to you, outside of the 12:30-4:30pm time slot.  The Gauguin Locker is located on the ground floor of the Hines Building.


When should I look for next year’s accommodation?
Although it seems early, around December time, many students will start to panic about finding accommodation for their second year – there really is no need!  Our Students’ Union work hard to discourage students from looking too early with their ‘Don’t Rent Yet’ Campaign, which is launched just before Christmas, and work closely with the University to organise an annual Housing Fair.

The Housing Fair is normally held at the end of January, and gives students the opportunity to meet lots of landlords all under one roof! The University strongly recommends that you use this event to find the next place you call home!


Communal living: top tips
Below are some top tips on how to keep your new home safe and happy:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Fire Action Notices around your house or flat, and make sure your fire doors are closed at all times – these include your kitchen, bedroom and flat doors.
  • Keep up-to-date with emptying your rubbish and recycling.
  • Keep noise to a minimum between 11pm and 8am to avoid disturbing others.
  • Remember to lock doors and windows before leaving your accommodation.
  • Talk calmly with your other housemates about problems when they arise; if you explain early on and in a reasonable manner what is bothering you, this can stop it becoming a problem.
  • If you feel you are experiencing problems with housemates, you can contact the Student Support Advisers by emailing or by asking for an appointment with us via firstpoint.


Download our app
guide-qr-codeRemember to download the University of Worcester Guidebook App on the App Store or Google Play. This will tell you about events and activities taking place over the Welcome Weekend and your first week.
The app will provide you with campus maps and local information such as shops, banks and travel. You’ll also find answers to questions often asked by first year students and who to contact for help and advice.