Welcome Week and beyond

Welcome Week is designed to introduce you to your lectures and classmates as well as showing you some of the facilities that you will be studying in.  There are drop-in session from our support teams and social activities with the SU.


Welcome Week: 16th – 20th September 2019
You’ll have a programme that has been designed specifically for your course. If you haven’t already downloaded it, you’ll need to log into your Student Online Environment (SOLE) page to find your specific programme.  For more information about your timetable, see the section further down.

If you still need to select module, need to make a change or have a clash on your timetable, Student Records and Programme Advisers will be available to help.  There will be drop-in sessions running from 10am – 3.30pm, Monday to Friday for the first three weeks of the semester.  These will take place in PNG007, ground floor the in Peirson Study and Guidance Centre. No appointment necessary.

module drop-in sept 19

money advice drop-inIf you’re experiencing delays or difficulties with your Student Finance, there will be drop-in sessions with our Money Advice Service.  The advisers will be available from 16th-20th and 23rd-27th September, from 9am – 4pm.  Look for their banner in firstpoint, ground floor, Peirson Study and Guidance Centre.

009 Fancy a cuppaOur Student Wellbeing Team will also be hosting “Fancy a Cuppa”, where you can drop in for a free drink, a biscuit and a chat. It’s an opportunity for you to make contact with support staff and meet other students in an informal, casual setting. A confidential space is available should it be required for a more private conversation.

“Fancy a Cuppa” will be running in firstpoint at the following times:
16th September – 20th September: 10am – 2pm
23rd September – 27th September: 11am – 2pm
30th September – 4th October: 11am – 2pm

There are also plenty of social activities throughout Welcome Week, so make sure you have a look at the SU’s webpage: plus you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
And make sure you’re signed up to the official Welcome Week 2019 group on Facebook.

Students' Union Freshers Facebook


Welcome Week Timetable
You will have a personalised programme of induction sessions for your course.

You can access your Welcome Week Timetable from the ‘Welcome Week’ section on the “Welcome” tab on your SOLE page. To view your personalised timetable for the week, simply click on the Welcome Week Timetable link. Your timetable has information on the dates, times and content of all sessions.

If you are on a joint honours degree, or are an exchange or Study Abroad student, you may need to attend more than one subject induction, which can lead to a clash on your timetable. We advise that you prioritise attending both subject induction sessions over attending other events wherever possible. Most courses will run a repeat subject induction session on Wednesday.

For joint honours students, there will be an additional session about studying as a joint student. This will show on your timetable. You can attend any other sessions you think will be useful, as long as they don’t clash with your timetable. If you have clashes, contact your Course Leader – their details will be available on your SOLE page.

Your course timetable will be made available to you during Welcome Week.  See the firstpoint website for more information about your timetable. And look out for our blog post all about modules, coming soon!


Register with a GP
We would strongly recommend that you register with a surgery during Welcome Week or as soon as possible.  This is a very straightforward process. Registration is not immediate (it takes the surgery a little time to process), so please do it as soon as you can. Once you have registered, it will be easier for you to see a doctor or nurse if you do become unwell/need medical support.

When registering, you will be asked to fill out a couple of forms to provide them with your contact details and medical history. Some surgeries may ask for proof of identity when you register. To find out what your chosen surgery requires, contact them directly. A list of local GPs is available from firstpoint and online.


What is SOLE?
SOLE stands for Student Online Environment.  SOLEYour SOLE page is your online portal to life at Worcester. Here you can manage your university timetable and assessment information. Academic and support staff are able to input and retrieve module grades and student information online. You can also select module and view reading lists here.  You can find more information about SOLE on the firstpoint website.


Download our app
guide-qr-codeRemember to download the University of Worcester Guidebook App on the App Store or Google Play. This will tell you about events and activities taking place over the Welcome Weekend and your first week.
The app will provide you with campus maps and local information such as shops, banks and travel. You’ll also find answers to questions often asked by first year students and who to contact for help and advice.