Wellbeing Poetry Competition

haiku poetry

As part of the activities happening on Tuesday 19th March 2019 to mark University Mental Health Day, the Student Wellbeing Champions are hosting a poetry competition – specifically Haikus.

A Haiku is a Japanese poetry form comprised of 3 lines, the first line containing 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables and the third 5 syllables.

haiku poetry2

For example:
We would like you to (5) 
submit a nice short Haiku (7) 
and hope you do too. (5) 

(it doesn’t have to rhyme)


Poetry allows us to understand and appreciate the world around us. It teaches us how to live and how to relate to each other. It can be considered the immediate path to enlightenment and self-reflection. Poetry has accompanied humankind for such a long time that it has become ingrained into human cognition and emotion.

Competition details:

  • Anyone can submit up to 3 Haikus under the theme of ‘wellbeing’.
  • A workshop will be hosted in the Hangar, as part of University Mental Health Day, from 10am to 2pm on Tuesday 19th March for anyone that wants to learn about Haikus and enter the competition.
  • You will be required to submit your Haiku in one of two ways: either by email to n.hurst@worc.ac.uk, or by using an entry form (available in firstpoint) and posting it in the labelled Haiku box.

The deadline for submission will be 5pm on Thursday 21st March 2019, with the results announced on Friday 22nd March 2019.