Student Finance

We are aware that some students are experiencing issues with payment of the third instalment of their maintenance loan and we understand that upon contacting Student Finance England are being advised that there is an issue that the University needs to resolve. The University informed the Student Loans Company in January 2014 that the start date for Term 3 of the 2014/15 academic year was 13th April 2015 (and not 27th April 2015 as we had initially informed them). The data is showing correctly on our systems and we understand that payment schedules have been received by students stating a payment date of 13th April 2015.

There was a system fault at the Student Loans Company which prevented the update being recognised on their systems. We were informed by them in August 2014 that the issue had now been rectified but now the date for payments to be released has arrived it appears that this has not been the case. We are currently working with Student Loans Company to get the matter resolved.

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