Classroom & Learning Spaces Technology Showcase Day: 10th April 10:00 – 14:00

As part of our efforts to formulate plans for future teaching and learning space technology development we have invited several suppliers to demonstrate a range of new and innovative products for both staff and students. These are highly experienced suppliers who work extensively in Higher Education institutions throughout the UK.

Resident technology in these areas is continually emerging with an increasing emphasis on the ability to collaborate, receive and share content from any device with minimal fuss, this also includes new flexible furniture designs to better reflect class and group study scenarios.

Using feedback gained on this day and at other events we hope to develop new design models for room upgrades and new projects in order to better reflect your needs and aspirations.

We are inviting all staff and students to drop into the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre (St John’s Campus) on Friday April the 10th between 10:00 – 14:00.

Representative from each of the exhibiters will be available for you to talk to, and of course an opportunity to try out their products!

The technologies being demonstrated break down in to four main categories:

  1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Technology

Content sharing platforms that allow users to present content to a display screen directly from their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Suppliers attending:

Kramer; demonstrating VIA Collage
Crestron; demonstrating AirMedia
Extron; demonstrating ShareLink and TeamWork

  1. Touchscreen Technology

Large displays that encourage collaboration through touch and interactivity.

Suppliers attending:

Sahara; demonstrating Clever Touch
Panasonic; demonstrating a touch table
Medium; demonstrating C Touch
SMART; demonstrating Smart E70 interactive display screen

  1. Content Delivery

Content delivery platform that allows lecturers to share their content with the rest of the class straight to their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Suppliers attending:

Sahara; demonstrating DisplayNote

  1. Teaching Space Furniture

Furniture designed to work alongside products featured above and allow more flexible learning and teaching through use of space.

Suppliers attending:

Top Tec; demonstrating Synergy Plectrum
TeamMate; demonstrating WorksZone table

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