MUMPS – Please Read

A number of students have informed the university they are suffering with mumps. Please read the following advice carefully.

Have you been vaccinated against mumps?

To be fully protected against mumps you need to have received two doses of the MMR vaccine. If you have had only one dose or none you should consider seeing your doctor to arrange to be vaccinated.

Do you think you have mumps?

The usual symptoms are swelling of the parotid glands (located just below the ears), dry mouth, soreness when chewing or swallowing, high temperature and headache.

If you think you have mumps consult your doctor immediately. Please also notify the university by emailing giving us your name, course and year and your current address, telephone number and email address. Please also tell us where you intend to stay while you are recovering.

If your doctor confirms you have mumps you should stay away from campus for nine days from the time the facial swelling began. After that period you should no longer be infectious. If you live in halls and are not able to return home you should stay in your room and avoid communal areas as much as possible for at least five days after the facial swelling has begun.

Have plenty to drink and eat if you can and take something to ease the pain and fever. Avoid intimate contact with others, particularly if they have not been vaccinated against mumps. Ask friends if they have been vaccinated against mumps. If they have they will be useful contacts to shop for you and be available in case of emergencies.

For further information and advice consult your doctor. If you have not already registered with a local doctor do so immediately.

Do not forget to tell your tutors that you are ill and how long you expect to be absent from lectures etc. You may well need to provide proof of illness from your doctor, particularly if your illness causes you to miss an assessment deadline or impairs your performance in a piece of assessed work and you wish to apply for exceptional mitigating circumstances.

Roger Prout

Head of Student Services

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