April 12, 2011 2:42 PM

During the summer student Netmail accounts and ‘G’ Drive file storage are being upgraded to Microsoft Live@edu services.

EMAIL:  Your old 60MB Netmail account will be replaced with a new 10GB Microsoft Outlook Live mailbox, providing access to your email, contacts and calendar from any location.

FILE STORAGE:  Your old 150MB ‘G’ Drive will be replaced with a new 25GB Windows Live SkyDrive, which will allow you to access and share your files online at any time.

PRINT & COPY:  Additionally, the current student print and copy system will be upgraded to an account based solution, making it easier to manage your print credit.


Email:  Forward existing mail you wish to keep from your University Netmail Account to a personal email account e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

File storage:  Copy ‘G’ Drive files you wish to keep to an external device such as a USB hard drive or flash drive.

Print and copy:  Use all print credit on your existing cards.  If this is not possible retain a minimum credit balance on your card as a new card will be issued to you in September and credit cannot be transferred

For more information visit:


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