Connect over coffee on 5th, 6th and 7th April 2022

Loneliness can affect anyone at any point, even if you are regularly surrounded by people. Loneliness is not about physically being alone; it is the feeling of being disconnected from others. Humans need to feel a deep connection to other humans and so social relationships are vital to human wellbeing.  

The pandemic has affected students in a big way, as for so long, learning was virtual. As a result, a lot of new students didn’t meet their course mates face-to-face and form those initial friendships. We want to help you to combat this and form some new and deeper connections.

From Tuesday 5th April to Thursday 7th April the Wellbeing Champions will be giving out buy one get one free vouchers for hot drinks at any of the University’s catering outlets (St John’s and City campus, not including the Campus Store). Use this voucher to reach out to someone who you might like to connect with, haven’t spoken to for a while or to reach out for help.

Vouchers, to be used between now and the end of May, are available to pick up from the Student Wellbeing Champions at the following places and times: 

Tuesday 5th April
at Fancy a Cuppa in firstpoint, 12-1pm, and
at firstpoint @ City Campus, 9am-12pm 

Wednesday 6th April
in firstpoint, 12-2pm 

Thursday 7th April
at Fancy a Cuppa in firstpoint, 12-1pm