Free Assistive Technology For All Students

If you have to read large quantities of text on a screen, and write long assignments, then you will know how time consuming that can be, but did you know you could dictate your assignments and have pdf files read to you?

Microsoft Word includes the facility to dictate your work to the computer and Word will do all the typing! It can even help with punctuation and responds to commands about page justification. The dictate function works best when using Word in your browser as part of Office 365 suite, which you have access to through the University for free. If you want to use this then this YouTube video tutorial will help you to get started using dictate in Word Office 365 can be accessed from your MyDay page.

If you find that you are having to read lots of web pages and PDF journal articles then you might want to try the ReadMe extension that can be downloaded for Chrome. ReadMe will convert highlighted text to speech, if you open the document in Chrome. This makes it ideal for reading either PDF files or webpages and you can adjust the voice to one that you find easier to understand and listen to. This ReadMe video tutorial will help you to install and set ReadMe up