Study Abroad: Time’s up! Time Out!

There is still time to apply to spend semester 1 of your second year, or your full third year abroad! But hurry, the deadline for applications is 31st January 2021.

Still thinking about going abroad on your third year but have questions? Do get in touch!
The International Mobility Coordinator is available for students appointments almost every day, except for Mondays,  between 1.30pm and 4pm. You can book a virtual appointment via firstpoint or by getting in touch by email:

Are you confused on the recent announcement regarding the Erasmus scheme? No need to panic!
We managed to get the validity of our funding extended to May 2023 so if you wish to spend your semester or year abroad in a European destination, you can get some financial support through the Erasmus scheme!

Where can you find the application form?
Don’t panic, you can download it here.

Don’t know how to hand in your application?
It’s simple, just send it over to

For more info or just a chat, do get in touch!

Study Abroad deadline 31st January 2021