Ready for a Brew on ‘Blue’ Monday?

More than 15 years ago a travel company dubbed the third Monday in January ‘Blue Monday’ because this day is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year due to the cold weather, long nights and post-Christmas debt.

Fancy a cuppa on Brew Monday?

We don’t agree with it being an especially depressing day, however, as a new year can bring with it a fresh mind-set of positivity and hope for the future.
We prefer the term ‘Brew Monday’ which the Samaritans have now coined as a way to remind people how important it is to have a break and stay connected to people in order to remain happy and positive. This connection is more important than ever as we all continue to navigate a life based on social-distance.

As you might already be aware, the Student Support and Wellbeing Team run a twice-weekly virtual tea/coffee break, which anyone can come along to, to let off some steam and see some friendly faces. This usually runs on a Tuesday and Thursday, but on Monday 18th January we will be putting on an extra session in aid of Brew Monday. This will be at the usual time of 1-1.45pm.

So if you are struggling with the post-Christmas blues, fed up of the cold and dreaming of longer, sunnier days, or just want to have a whinge about an assignment you’re finding hard, please feel free to join us for some motivation and maybe a little exercise in gratitude to remind you of life’s positives.

We know that the past year has been difficult for all, but remember there is hope on the horizon and we are still here for you. Email from your student email account for the Zoom meeting details, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Picture of coffee cup and details of “Brew Monday”