Looking for part time work?

Have you lost your part time job or are looking for another one during this COVID-19 crisis? Here are some tips about who is still recruiting and how to get back on your feet.


Health and Social Care work

The sector is still recruiting, particularly for jobs in care homes and home care, although car drivers are often preferred. Current jobs include Clarendon group and Eclipse care. For a full list go to myCareer and search on COVID.

Retail and Distribution

Some supermarkets and online retailers are still recruiting. Keep an eye on their web pages to see what is available in your area. Go to the Careers COVID-19 web pages for a list of supermarket job sites.


There is a big drive to recruit students in agricultural roles including fruit picking over the summer. Sites such as Concordia and Fruitful jobs can list what is available in your area.

Looking for work in Worcester?

A brand new service, Worcestershire Jobs Match, will match those recently made redundant with new work in sectors experiencing a surge in employment demand such as food retail, agriculture, logistics, care, and many more. Register now to take advantage of any new jobs coming up in the future.

Worried about your finances?

Check to see whether the government’s furlough scheme applies to you. You can be furloughed if you are on any type of contract, including a zero-hour contract or a temporary contract but the scheme does not apply if you are self-employed.

If you are worried about finances you can apply for the University’s Hardship Fund on this page there is information and application forms, including help for those students particularly affected by the pandemic.

Still looking for ways to develop your skills and demonstrate experience?

Why not also consider volunteering? This is a great time to contribute towards your community and give something back, as well as demonstrating skills and commitment. Go to the Student Union’s volunteering pages to find out more.