Using lockdown to boost your employability

As we are all still getting to grips with social distancing and what this means for us, you may be thinking this would be a good time to take another look at your future employability and job hunting. So here are some things you could be getting on with from your bedroom/sofa/office/garden:

  1. Update your CV

If it’s been a little while since you last looked at your CV, spend an afternoon or so adding in anything you’ve done between then and now. Make sure it shows your very best self!

  1. Work on your online presence

Get yourself on LinkedIn and create your online profile. Connect with your course mates, follow organisations you’re interested in and give your profile some TLC by adding photos and images.

  1. Take an online course

There are some fantastic free online course available such as FutureLearn, Coursera, OpenLearn or Duolingo. Make sure you add these to the ‘Education’ section of your CV – it will show you’ve been using your time at home constructively.

  1. Become a volunteer

Volunteering is great for your CV, but also can help you feel good about making a difference and helping others. The University and Worcester Students’ Union have launched a new #TeamWorc Volunteering Project and portal to help you offer your services.

  1. Take the initiative

This might be the time to set up an online store, start a blog, build a website or start that novel. Recruiters will appreciate your passion and you never know who might stumble across your work, or what opportunities it could lead to.

  1. Read up on a new topic

Even if you are under lock down you can still listen to TED talks, learn something new or trigger a new interest. And if this is related to the career you’re hoping to go into, all the better for future interview discussions.

  1. Research careers and employers

This could be a great time to think about what you want to do when you graduate. Have a look at Prospects for information about different graduate careers. 

  1. Keep an eye out for job postings

Whether you are looking for full or part time work, keep an eye on myCareer for new job opportunities. Set up job alerts so you can be sure to hear about new vacancies early.

  1. Don’t put yourself under pressure.

These are unprecedented times and we all react differently. If you would rather focus on your studies, or pull the duvet over your head, do whatever works for you right now to get through this period. It looks as though we will all be in this for a while.

  1. Contact Careers and Employability for help

Careers and Employability are still offering help and support via video interviews or online. Whether you need help with a job application or your general career direction, ask a question or book an appointment through myCareer.

And remember, Careers and Employability will be open for students and graduates all through the summer, and for as long as you need us!

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