Flooding information – UPDATED- 9.20am, Monday 17 February 2020

Due to the significant rainfall and consequent flooding, several key local roads, including the Worcester Road Bridge, are now closed to cars. The bridge at Holt Fleet is open and is the best route for cars to cross the river Severn.

The Sabrina footbridge is also closed due to flooding on the racecourse side.

A shuttle bus service across the Worcester Road bridge, which will transport pedestrians, is now running. There is then dry pedestrian access to the Hive, City Campus, Jenny Lind Building and Art House in the Worcester side of the river, and to the St John’s Campus and Severn Campus on the Severn side.

Hylton Road is currently closed to vehicles and pedestrians. There is dry pedestrian access to all University buildings on the Severn Campus, including the Garage, the Riverside Building and the University of Worcester Arena. This access is via Hardwick Close, which is just off Henwick Road. Members of the Security Team are stationed at the St John’s Severn campus entrance and are giving directions on the walking route to the Severn Campus.

A minibus service is running from the Severn Gate layby to the Bullring Co-op carkpark, although walking is advised. The minibus is planned to run until at least 5pm, unless the road bridge re-opens for cars.

The University’s Moors Car park in the city centre is fully open and unaffected by flooding. This is likely to remain the situation as the flood water is falling according to the Environment Agency gauges above and below Worcester. The car park cannot be accessed from Croft Road but can be accessed through the local side roads.

The University is open with teaching and other events taking place as planned wherever possible.

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