A guide to accommodation support

Whether you are living in University of Worcester halls, a managed house or private accommodation, the University of Worcester’s Accommodation Team is on hand to give you advice, help you apply and support you throughout your time at university.

Appointments and Drop-ins
If you need to speak with an Accommodation Adviser, then you can book an appointment through firstpoint to meet with one of the team. Bookable appointments are available Monday to Friday between 12pm and 1pm; either ask at the firstpoint desk, phone 01905 542551 or email firstpoint@worc.ac.uk with your preferred time and date.

The Accommodation Team are also running drop-in sessions at the City Campus, every Tuesday 8.30am – 2.30pm and Friday 8.30am – 4pm. These are currently scheduled until the end of March but may be extended if they prove popular.

If you are living in University owned or maintenancemanaged accommodation and something is not working, you need to report it to the maintenance team. Maintenance requests should be logged online; this can be done by logging onto your MyDay page and selecting ‘Maintenance Requests’.

If your request is urgent and outside of normal working hours, please contact Security, located at main reception on St John’s Campus. You can also telephone them on 01905 855000.

Changing your accommodation
If you are in University accommodation and would like to change your room, we would advise that you speak with a member of the Accommodation Team (please see above re: booking appointments). You can also collect a ‘Room Transfer Request’ form from the firstpoint counter.

If you are in private accommodation and are looking to leave a contract, you can make an appointment with the Accommodation Team for advice. The Students’ Union can also give you advice, as well as try to help you resolve disputes. See their website for more information: www.worcsu.com/helpandadvice/housing/

Collecting Keys
The Accommodation Team should notify you when your keys are ready to be collected. If this is from the firstpoint counter, please make sure you have your Student ID card with you.

Lost keys
Accommodation keysIf you are living in halls or University managed accommodation and have lost your key, you can request a replacement at firstpoint. They will contact Security and arrange for a replacement key to be made available; there may be a charge for this.  Out of normal working hours, please contact Security, located at main reception on St John’s Campus. You can also telephone them on 01905 855000.

If you use your ID card to access your accommodation, please see the information about requesting a replacement card on the firstpoint website: www.worc.ac.uk/firstpoint/student-id-cards.html.

it supportIf the Wi-Fi or Ethernet port are not working in your University halls of residence, please report it to the ICT Service Desk, which you can access though your MyDay page.

Communal Living
If you are having difficulties with communal living, or you have concerns about your flatmates, there is some helpful information available from Student Support and Wellbeing Team: www.worc.ac.uk/studentsupport/communal-living.  You can also email the team directly: studentlife@worc.ac.uk or visit firstpoint to book an appointment with an Adviser.

Paying your rent
If you are having difficulty paying the rent for your University accommodation, it is important to inform the Finance office. They will be able to discuss the situation with you. You can contact them by phone 01905 542892 or email: feesaccommodation@worc.ac.uk

You may also find it helpful to meet with one of the Money Advisers; appointments are available to book through firstpoint. Money Advice also have information about financial support for students available on their webpages: www.worc.ac.uk/moneyadvice/

You can also find this information on the firstpoint website: www.worc.ac.uk/firstpoint/accommodation