Fake tax refund emails

You may be aware of the news over the weekend of university students being sent fake tax refund emails – see this BBC story: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46234014

The fraudsters appear to be using .ac.uk email addresses that look genuine, in order to avoid detection. Universities across the country have been targeted. While we aren’t currently aware of students at Worcester being affected, we want to make you aware of this issue.

HMRC has said email, text or voicemail would never be used for real refunds and anyone targeted should not click on any links. Emails can be forwarded to HMRC or texts to 60599. Anyone who has lost money should contact Action Fraud.

If you are concerned, or would like advice, you can contact the University’s Money Advice team via Firstpoint at firstpoint@worc.ac.uk