Life’s more fun when you share!

There are some things in life – like playing tennis, eating out and moving sofas – which just work better when you’re not on your own…

Commuting is the same. You can make your boring, costly trip to work alone every day – or find that life’s more fun (and a lot less expensive) when you share lifts. You can sit alone on crowded public transport, or find someone who’s already driving your way and brighten both your days by getting a lift (and cutting both your travel costs).

We provide you with a totally free-to-use website which shows you who else is going your way, so you can share. Why not start during Liftshare Week (6-10 October)?

Just want to give it a try before you commit? Make Tuesday your Twosday!

Plus you could win yourself a very nice £250! If you send another member a ‘request to share’ message between 29 September and 12 October, you could be the randomly-selected winner.

Go to and give sharing a go this Liftshare Week!

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