Elective Module Choices at Level 5 for 2014/15

Single honours students have the opportunity to choose to take an Elective module in their first year and/or second year.

Taking an Elective module can provide added value to your degree, making your degree distinctive, and can make you more employable.

Elective modules are innovative and inter-disciplinary, providing the opportunity to work with students and staff from different specialisms in acquiring an understanding of key issues that affect our contemporary world.

You may have taken an Elective module in your first year and wish to carry on studying this topic (or a different topic) in your second year. Five 30 credit Elective modules are available at Level 5:

CULT 2001: Cultures and Societies in a Changing World

EDUC 2001: Engaging with Education

ENTP 2111: Starting and Business or Social Enterprise

HLST 2001: Promoting Healthier Lifestyles

SUST 2001: Sustainability in the Workplace

You will be able to select these modules via your SOLE module selection page.

Students who have not studied an Elective module at Level 4 can also select one of these options.

More information about Elective modules can be found on the University’s Elective Module Page:


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