Examinations – “Silence – Examinations in Progress” and general advice for candidates

exams in progress

Starting Monday 14 May and for all of next week, examinations will be taking place across the campus.   Please keep noise to a minimum around the venues and when you see the signs.

What to do if you cannot attend your exam/you will arrive late to your exam 

Please be aware that students can be admitted to the exam room up to half an hour after the start of an examination, so if you are delayed by traffic or public transport you may still be able to attend. If you cannot arrive within the first half an hour of the exam, you must still make every attempt to arrive at the exam room BEFORE the exam has finished. If you are seen by the invigilator or the examination officer before the examination has finished, we will be able to give you a grade of late submission which will permit you reassessment for that module (this is instead of a grade of non submission which would cause you to fail the module and retake it, with attendance, in the following academic year).

What to do if you feel unwell in your exam

If you are unwell or there are extenuating circumstances which will prevent you from attending your exam or performing to the best of your ability in the exam, you should make a claim for mitigating circumstances. You can find the claim form and further information on your SOLE page. You will need to attach independent evidence to your claim form, in accordance with the mitigating circumstances regulations.

Please be aware that holidays and personal organisation are not grounds for mitigating circumstances.

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