Hereford & Worcester UCAS Convention, St John’s Campus – Friday 23 March 2012

The annual Hereford and Worcester UCAS Convention will take place on the St John’s campus on Friday 23 March. This is a very large event with over 4200 visitors attending from schools across both counties. We will be welcoming exhibitors from across the UK representing some 110 HE institutions, as well as our own.

Areas around the Sports Centre, gym and large lecture theatres will be exceptionally busy on Friday 23 March. In order to minimise disruption for colleagues and students at the St. John’s campus we have made the following arrangements for the set-up of the event and for the day itself. 

Traffic Management

Friday 23 March

Please use the Malvern Gate entrance as access through the Severn Gate (Hylton Rd) will be for UCAS permit holders only. Staff to assist with directions will be at the Malvern Gate on the morning of the event.

Road access through campus via the Malvern Gate will be restricted on Friday 23 March and traffic will be allowed only as far as the post room.

Car park closures

Please observe the car park closures as delivery lorries will need clear access for manoeuvring.     

Car Park N (Darwin) 6pm Wednesday 21 March – Friday 23 March inclusive.

Car parks M (main), G (Binyon) and P (Netball courts/Sports Centre car park) will all be closed from 6pm on Thursday 22 March –  Friday 23 March inclusive.

Thank you to all staff and students for your understanding and support. This event is an invaluable opportunity for local students to find out more about higher education, as well as allowing us to showcase the University and its facilities.

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