30 November 2011 – 1 day strike – information and guidance

You may be aware that there is a 1 day strike throughout the UK higher education sector and other public services on 30 November 2011. This is a national dispute on an issue on which the University, despite being an employer, has no direct influence. The University does not regard itself as being in dispute with its staff.

The University will remain open on 30 November 2011, and the usual catering and other facilities will be available.

If you are due to attend a teaching session here on 30 November, please check Blackboard for updates on whether the session is taking place. If a session is cancelled you should be sent an email notifying you of this. In some cases a text message will also be sent. Please ensure that your contact details are up-to-date via SOLE.

If the session is not going ahead, you are advised to use the time for personal study either on campus (all the normal information and learning services facilities will be open) or off-site.

If you are a student in a placement in a school or other educational setting, please check with the setting about any plans for closure. If the setting is to be closed and you are unable to attend for that day, please contact your University course tutor for advice about alternative plans for study on 30 November 2011.

If you are unable to attend a session because you have been affected by the industrial action then you must ensure you meet any requirements regarding non-attendance as set out in the module outline.


  1. It would have been helpful to have received this notice BEFORE the tutors had all gone home the day before the strike.

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