Parking 27th/28th October

There will be minimal parking available on campus on Thurs 27th and Fri 28th October 12-4pm due to open afternoon events taking place.

Staff and students are kindly requested to make use of additional parking facilities provided at Oldbury Park School, Coppertops, and Riverside during these times.


  1. As I said last year, this is a joke, I don’t pay £100 a year for parking just for the University to shut them for open days. Why should I have to make other arrangements for parking when I pay to park at the University, I am so glad this is my last year and that I am applying for my PGCE at a different University that will put the ‘current’ not ‘future’ students first!!

  2. Asolute joke, shutting ALL car parks when I pay £100 a year to park here this is not stated on the form (how convenient). To be trufully honest the service I have recieved over the last three years has been absolutly appauling and having open days is pointless, because students are just fed a load of rubbish that is not true, Believe me i will not be lying to cover up the issues with this university i will be telling the truth all the way, im so glad this is my last year!

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