CRB Clearance

Any students registered for one of the following modules undertaking a placement involving interaction with young children and/or vulnerable adults must obtain CRB clearance before starting a placement.

If you have any questions regarding this you MUST speak to your course tutor ASAP.  All course tutors are aware of this requirement and failure to obtain satisfactory CRB clearance may result in you being removed from the module.

The modules this applies to are:-

SOCP 2103
DRAM 3104 SPRT1017
EDST 2023 SPRT 1008
EDST 3023 SPRT 2007
ENGL 3022 SPRT 2009
HSCO 1006 SPRT 2011
HSCO 1008 SPRT 2012
HSCO 2007 SPRT 2016
HSPC 1008 SPRT 3001
HSPC 2007 SPRT 3002
HSPC 2006 SPRT 3010
SOCG 2058 SPRT 3026




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