University of Worcester Bursaries

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If you are eligible for a bursary and receive all or part of the Maintenance Grant from the Student Loans Company, the standard £500 bursary will be increased to;

£640 if you are awarded part of the Maintenance Grant


£770 if you are awarded the whole Maintenance Grant

The university finance office will not be able to arrange the extra payment if they haven’t seen a copy of your Maintenance Grant statement so you should take a copy to the cashier’s office unless they are already aware of your award.

The payments will be made as follows:

5 installments for undergraduates payable on:

15th December 2009
15th January 2010
15th February 2010
15th March 2010
15th April 2010

3 installments for PGCE students payable on:

15th December 2009
15th January 2010
15th February 2010


  1. Im am inquiring if I am eligable for the university’s Bursary. I have already applied for a student loan and it has been approved. Please can you let me know regarding the above. Thank you

  2. Thank you for that, just another quick question how do i apply for a bursary? Ive had a look on the student login pages but cannot seem to find anything on bursaries.

  3. It has only recently come to my attention that even though I receive a full Maintenance Grant the bursary the university has given me is the amount that is given to someone with a low Maintenance Grant. This happened last year and has happened again this year. I would like to know why this is and how do I receive my full bursary including last years? If you could help I would be grateful.

  4. I have been having problems with my student finance and have therefore been unable to show proof of my eligibility for maintenance grants. I have received a £100 bursary, but should shortly be receiving approval for maintenance grant. Will any additional money i am eligible to receive be back dated? thanks

  5. I started my course in January of last year and recieved £250 of the bursery last year and nothing since then. I have just noticed the payment dates and I did not recieve anything on the 15th of December and wondered why this is and if I have to do anything. Under the ‘Money’ section of SOLE page it says that Student finance have been notified about my maintenance grant etc? Thank you

    1. If you have not received a payment that you are expecting you should contact the Cashiers Office in the Edward Elgar Building. It is worth checking that your bank details are accurately recorded in the Personal Details tab on your SOLE pages.

  6. It is too late to take a copy of our Maintenance Grant statement to the cashier’s office to receive the extra payment? Thanks.

  7. Hi, i recieve the maximum maintenance grant, however i have only recieved £100 bursary, i realise it is given in 5 installments, but £500 is the standard bursary. The Information given states i should recieve £770 if i receieve the whole maintenance grant. Is this correct? If so, how can i claim the whole bursary? Thanks.

  8. Just a quick question, Im recieving £100 every 15th of the month for 5 months as Bursary which add’s up to £500 however I thought I would have been eligible for the whole amount of £770 I think. Could you confirm this please?!

  9. Hi. I provided my financial support again this year having seen that there was an increase in the amount of bursary available for students receiving a full maintenance grant, however the total of my bursary has remained at £750 rather than the £770 i have seen above. Just wondering why and whether i was actually entitled to £770? Thanks

  10. Hi, Im currently a 3rd year and have received the £100 each month for the first two years. I have recently been told that i eligible (and applied for) the full amount, which i was told would be back dated, will this be back dated for the entire 3 years?


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