Win £4,000 to £8,000 worth of support for YOUR business proposal

Since 2007 the Student Placements for Entrepreneurs in Education (SPEED) and Enterprise Fellowship Scheme (EFS) programmes have supported 51 students at the University of Worcester to turn their business idea into reality. Students can come from any discipline or any year of study, so long as their programme is based at the University of Worcester and their business will be set up and run in the West Midlands region.

We’re recruiting again for 2010. If you have a business proposal to make please email  for more information and an application pack. Hurry now! The closing date for applications is midnight on Friday 20th November 2009. Spaces are very limited and you’ll kick yourself if you miss this opportunity.

One comment

  1. Just been reading up about this scheme.

    What i’m wondering is, whats the catch? Also do you only take new ideas or do you help people establish their ideas even though there is already a market.

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