Register now for 09/10

Online registration is now available on SOLE for all those students continuing with their course in September 2009.  All students are required to register each year to confirm their attendance on the course, arrange payment of tuition fees and to check and update their personal details.  Please ensure you have registered for your course by 1st October 2009.

Thank you


  1. hi
    ive registerd but did not print off the certificate at the end as i was on my laptop and do not have a printer is this a problem?

  2. I think i have registered for next year, but how can I check that I have done it and its confirmed?
    Ive been on hoiday and seem to have left my memory abroad. I know as a continuing student I dont need to print off my certificate, but I dont want to miss anything out.
    Joe Dunn

  3. i have registered, but wondered if this means the same as enrolling… does registering mean that we still have to hand in a finanace form this year as we did in the first year?

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