UCAS Convention, Friday 13th March

Please note that on Friday 13th March 2009 the University will be hosting the Hereford & Worcester UCAS convention. This is a major event and as such, there will be severely restricted access and car parking on campus for the day (see restrictions below).

The Severn Gate will be closed on Friday 13th March 2009. All Staff and Students are asked to use the car park at Coppertops pub, or access the campus via the Malvern Gate. Where possible, please use public transport to travel to the University that day.

We hope disruption will be kept to a minimum, but apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Many Thanks For Your Co-Operation & Patience

Dominic Crawford



  1. If you don’t have the facilities to accommodate both students and visitors perhaps you shouldn’t be hosting this event. Choose between revenue from students, revenue from car parking charges, revenue from new accommodation blocks or revenue from hosting events for visitors. In fact why don’t you cancel the lectures that are running on that day to make it clear exactly how you regard the current students. The facilities are a joke here and everyone knows it.

  2. The Hereford and Worcester UCAS Fair is held on campus once a year. The decision to host the event was taken after very careful consideration about how the event might affect existing students and how to keep disruption to a minimum. This has to be balanced with giving potential students the opportunity to explore the opportunities available to them in higher education in general and at the University of Worcester in particular.

    The University of Worcester is growing in popularity with a 100% increase in applications over the last five years. The commitment to providing excellent facilities for students is reflected in the ongoing investment in facilities at the St John’s Campus and in developing a second campus in the heart of the City. For example, a state-of-the-art building to house the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit along with science laboratories, plus new halls of residence, will open on the St John’s Campus in September this year.

  3. With the majority of students commuting from a large rural catchment area with limited public transport available, it is unlikely that the alternative car parking facilities for staff and students will be anything near adequate. Why not arrange for visitors to park elsewhere (Pitchcroft?) and be brought in by shuttle bus? Considering the recent bad press regarding parking around campus this is a bad idea.

  4. I must admit that I do totally agree with both ‘DR’ and ‘Angry’ – As a 2nd year student who commutes 25miles (each way) to get into university 4 days a week I find myself leaving home stupidly early in the morning just to ensure that I get a space in the car park. I was drawn to this university primarily because of how it really did welcome students living in their own homes, long distances away – The parking situation we have now certainly wasn’t like this when I started. Now though, quite honestly, I really would not recommend this university at all on this basis (and I know many many of my peers wouldn’t either). This university is no longer unique and it really doesn’t appear to make decisions with existing students in mind, after all we are paying the fees in every way. This university really should be looking at their existing problems (like the car parking issue)before they think about attracting more students through the UCAS fair.

  5. Personally i feel that the university is totally wrong to host this event. There is a major issue with parking on a normal day to day basis- let alone when there are extra people at the university. A lot of effort seems to go into attracting new students to the university, and not enough on the existing students who have paid money to come here.

    The university appears to have done nothing about the car parking, and the coppertops pub is not exactly a few minutes walk away either.
    This is a really bad idea, and i hope that the university will see that changes need to be made.

    We students deserve to be treated fairly, and i do not think that giving the use of our car park to a ucas convention is fair at all.

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