Car Parking

Please remember that, while the University does all it can to provide car parking spaces for all of its users, parking is inevitably limited on campus.

Please ensure that, wherever you park, you do so conscientiously and in adherence with the Highway Code.

If you are unable to find a parking space on campus, remember that spaces are also available at the Coppertops pub, just a five-minute walk away.

Wherever possible, please consider car-sharing with other University users, as well as public transport and other transport arrangements.


  1. Hello,

    Whilst I appreciate it is not the fault of one person, the decision to partition the long stay carpark in order to build another Hall of Residence seems daft. On many occasions the over flow parking spilled onto the field behind.
    Also car use is not solely an environmental issue. The University students that need to use a car do so for many reasons.
    Some include childcare logistics. Most nurseries and after school care do not stay open past 6pm and not before 8am. This impacts upon the time available for public transport and also seriously effects car sharing capabilities.
    Did the person, who timed how far the coppertops carpark was, jog? I have never made it to a morning lecture on time as yet!!
    Thankfully the carpark attendants are lovely fella’s and always go out of their way to help in any way they can. Bravo to these good natured folks

  2. Several issues arise from this posting by the University. I am in full agreement with the comments posted by Sorcha, but would also like to add that the Coppertops pub car park is not the safest environment for anyone to leave a vehicle all day – I have seen the occasional vehicle with its windows smashed by thieves(?). In addition, at the age of 61, and suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, I certainly could not face the prospect of that long trek in lonely conditions – especially as one of my modules was kindly scheduled for the evenings! (Thanks for that).

    Also, I pay for an annual parking ticket which cost me £95 this year (a huge rise on last year’s cost btw) – and personally I am incensed that when the University hosts events and conferences for outsiders, they reserve spaces in the car parks that permit holders are permitted to use, when frankly I feel that visitors should be allowed to park in the mega short stay area.

    As these visitors do not have to pay to park – and University permit holders are NOT permitted to park there – that seems to me to be the fairest solution – it is a real slap in the face to people who show their commitment to the University by paying to study or work there and paying to park, to then deny spaces because you are playing host to outsiders.

    I would also echo Sorcha’s praise for the way that all the guys from facilities try to help us.

  3. I quite agree!

    We’ve lost the overspill carpark, half the main car park and also the small car park at the front of the drama rooms!

    Plus there are more students and a higher charge, as you say!

    And the Coppertop pub is NOT 5 minutes walk away! Try double that and you are getting closer!

  4. In addition to the comment about visitor parking, I would like to ask why we cannot be informed of these days?

    More than once I have turned up to find I cannot park on campus and it is very frustrating! As these events tend to happen during reading weeks, it would be useful if we could have an email the week before so we can plan our week.

    I forgot to mention the parking attendents, but yes, they are great! Always friendly (even in the rain!) and go out of their way to ensure as many students as possible are able to find a space. The parking fiasco would be much worse without them!

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