Assessment Receipts and Item Report Forms

Assessment Receipts
Last year we asked students their views about obtaining receipts when they submit coursework, unsurprisingly students confirmed that they wanted a receipt and that a significant number of them wanted these to be available to them electronically through their SOLE pages.

This summer we piloted online receipts in Student Records for receiving reassessment items and we learnt a number of important lessons before rolling out this semester. We are now at the final stage of testing and have worked closely with staff in the Academic Support Units in preparing the implementation.

Students will shortly have the ability to access and download a new coversheet to insert with their assessment item (such as coursework, Independent Study, Dissertation etc); this coversheet includes a unique barcode that the ASU staff will scan. Once scanned and saved, the student will see the date the item was received. In addition, module tutors will be able to see the numbers of items that have been submitted via the staff SOLE pages.

New students were made aware of the receipt system as part of induction and students are being reminded of the system as part of the census week module check.

Item Report Forms (IRF)

We have implemented a new IRF for the start of this session. The new form includes a foldable edge where the student writes their name and that can be sealed. This allows for the fast identification of a student once the item has been marked and enables work to be returned and filed more easily. The new form now includes only two copies rather that the three with there no longer being a ‘tutor copy’. Once students have had adequate time to discuss their feedback the second copy should be return to Student Records for filing.

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