Help create a Cleaner & Greener City

Worcester City Council are always looking at ways to improve and enhance the local environment. One particular difficulty the Council is currently experiencing when using mechanical sweepers in this area is that of clearing leaves and debris accumulating beneath parked vehicles.

This activity is currently taking place in the roads around the University and along the route between the campus and Sabrina Bridge. In particular parked cars in Henwick and Oldbury Roads have been hampering efforts to clean up the leaf fall and remove litter.

You can help by not parking or moving vehicles away from the area on Wednesday 28th November between the hours of 9 AM and 12 PM and your assistance will help make this a success. This will allow mechanical sweepers and cleansing team to undertake a complete sweep of the footpath and highway.

Temporary notices will also be placed in the road to advise motorists not to park during this period.

Your co-operation in this matter will greatly appreciated by the local council.

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