Dealing with Debts in the New Year

Are you struggling with debt and feel like there’s no end in sight? Then make 2023 the year you begin the journey to becoming debt free. If you need help & support managing your finances, then the University’s Money Advice Service is here to help. You can book an appointment via firstpoint or find advice on our webpages at

Dealing with Debts

Don’t Ignore Debts – if you are experiencing problems paying a bill, don’t ignore it – get in touch with the creditor. You may be able to negotiate smaller payments.

Priority Debts

Priority Debts include Rent, Council Tax, Utilities (Gas, Electricity and Water) etc. It is important to remember that when making payments, Priority Debts come first.

Non-Priority Debts

Non-Priority Debts include credit cards, catalogue debts, loans, store cards etc. These can be dealt with by seeking debt management assistance from free agencies – see below.

Free Debt Advice Agencies

Citizens Advice Bureau

National Debtline


Never pay for Debt Advice!

There are several companies who offer FREE advice and support. However, watch out for the companies who offer free advice, but charge you high fees for setting up and administering your debt management plan.

Managing your Finances

Find help on budgeting and ideas on how to boost your income at

Additional Funding for Students

Access to Learning Fund – the University Hardship Fund is called the Access to Learning Fund. It is a non-repayable grant to help eligible students who are experiencing financial difficulties. Find further details regarding the fund and eligibility at

Trust Funds / Charities -there are many Trust Funds and Charities that have been set up to support students in Higher Education. Find further details and examples at