The Worcester Award 2022-23

Shine a light on your achievements by achieving the Worcester Award! It’s an employability award run by the Careers & Employability team. You can find out more on the Careers & Employability webpages.  

The Worcester Award is online on myCareer. To get started, register by clicking on the Worcester Award button on your myCareer homepage 

If you’ve completed a level of the Award previously, your next level will unlock once you have completed the registration pathway.  

Platinum: To be considered for the 2022/23 Platinum Award, you must have submitted your Platinum application by the 29th January 2023. This includes having fully completed your Gold Award. 
Gold: In order to achieve your Gold Award in 2022/23, you must have completed your Silver Award by 17th February 2023. 
Silver and Bronze: Otherwise, the deadline for completion of an award level is the 28th April 2023. 

You can aim for any level of the Worcester Award – you are not obliged to achieve each level. 

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