Terrorist massacre at Christchurch mosque

Message from the Vice Chancellor follows:

Dear student

I am writing to you about the terrible terrorist atrocity in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I know that the entire University community is appalled by this horrific attack on people who were attending mosques in Christchurch and its terrible consequences which include the deaths of 50 people, including a 3 year old child Mucad Ibrahim. The Prime Minister of New Zealand has asked the world to speak the names of the victims but to leave the perpetrator nameless. Here are the names:


Our hearts go out to all the families and friends of the victims, to the citizens of New Zealand, to Muslims and to people of faith worldwide.

We have, of course, been flying the Union Flag and the New Zealand flag at half-mast as a visible symbol of sadness and solidarity since the news of the shooting.

Terrorism of any kind has no place in the world. Attacks on people at places of worship aimed at creating hatred and fostering racial and religious wars are truly barbaric and deeply dangerous.

New Zealand will be holding two minutes of silence on Friday.

As an expression of remembrance combined with renewed commitment to love triumphing over hate, all members of the University community and friends are invited to gather at 11am by the flagpoles at the St John’s Campus tomorrow,  Friday 22 March to observe a silence in solidarity with the victims, their families, members of the Muslim faith, New Zealanders and all victims of terrorism and hate crime.

This will also be an opportunity to express our profound appreciation for the heroism of the many who acted so bravely to ensure that there were not even more casualties:


Any member of the University community who would like to consult with the University’s expert counsellors is invited to contact Firstpoint to arrange an appointment at the earliest opportunity.

Yours in sadness

Professor David Green CBE
Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive
University of Worcester