Snow on campus – Sunday 18 March

Snow is currently falling on campus, with further flurries predicted for the rest of the day (Sunday 18 March). The forecast is much improved for Monday, with no expectation of snow.

The University’s practice is to remain open during adverse weather, including snow. The University has invested in additional snow-clearing equipment, which was used with great efficiency to keep the campus operational during the snow fall two weeks ago.

If conditions remain poor, please ensure that you travel safely and take all sensible precautions. If you are driving, you may wish to consider where your car is parked overnight (avoiding steep drives, for example) and try to wait until the roads have been gritted. There is some general guidance on road travel in wintery conditions on the Met Office website and on the AA website. You can find useful traffic and travel updates on the Worcester News website.

We will always publish the latest information on the University’s website at:

The page includes a date and time index, which will advise when the information was last updated. If there is a possibility that there will be an impact on important, specific activities (such as assessments), we will include the latest guidance for both staff and students on this page.

We will also keep staff and students updated through the following channels:

    • All student and staff emails (for urgent information only)
    • Regular posts on our official social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter
    • Posts on the firstpoint blog
    • Messages on plasma screens across campus


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