Extra-Curricular Scholarships – Apply Now

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Are you involved in voluntary work? Do you want to volunteer to coach or teach overseas? Perhaps you have the opportunity to present at a conference, or perform at an event, or compete at an elite level. We may be able to help you achieve your goal.

The University runs an Extra-Curricular Scholarship Scheme each year to assist students with participating in extra-curricular activities.  You can apply for funding, up to £1000, to finance involvement in extra-curricular activities either directly related to or distinct from your course of study.  Applicants should be aware that it is exceptional for the full amount applied for to be awarded and students are expected to part-fund activities.

There are two categories you can apply under:

1 – Voluntary activities which are community based, either in the UK or abroad.

In 2014/15 a range of scholarships were awarded including to students volunteering in Madagascar, Bali, Thailand, Brazil and Sri Lanka as well as volunteering wiht the Girl Guides, a youth theatre company and delivering cycling proficiency courses.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship under this category you need to include information about the charity you will be working for, the hours involved and the location of the work. You should provide evidence that you have been accepted as a volunteer. The scholarship cannot be awarded to cover the purchase of equipment for you or for a charity. The award is normally based on travel costs and time given to the volunteering activity.

Please note that the Scholarship Funds cannot be awarded to sponsor fundraising activities in aid of another charity.

2 – Activities relating to a pastime or interest in which the student is involved (e.g. music or some other arts based area or elite sport – normally there should be evidence of or recognised potential to participate at a national level).

In 2014/15 scholarships in this category included awards to students competing in a national powerlifting tournament, playing for a national recognised Women’s Super League football club, presenting at an international conference in the USA and competing in the GB Premier Dragon Boat Team in Canada.

The University introduced Sports Scholarships for those competing in sport at an elite level in 2014/15 – information can be accessed from the Sports Performance Administrator. Students in receipt of a Sports Scholarship are not eligible to apply to the Extra-curricular Scholarship scheme.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship under this category you should include as much information as possible on the application form including associated costs.


To apply for an Extra-Curricular Scholarship please complete an Applicationform downloadable from this post or from firstpoint in the Peirson Building, St John’s Campus.

There are two deadlines for applications – 30th November 2015 and 29th February 2016 – students may only apply once a year.

You will need to supply supporting documentation with your application e.g. details of any study visit, invitations or bookings.  If you have not already booked places or flights you can still apply but any funds awarded will only be released once the booking has been confirmed.

All applications will be considered by the Scholarship Panel.

Applicants applying by the 30th November 2015 will be notified of the outcome, in writing, before the Christmas holidays. Applicants applying by 29th February 2016 will be notified of the outcome, in writing, before the Easter break.

Applications can be submitted to firstpoint, Peirson Building, St John’s Campus or to Helen Johnstone by email (h.johnstone@worc.ac.uk).

Please note that this fund is not available to pay for the cost of courses run by the University or other organisations, equipment, or to assist with costs associated with independent studies.  If you require financial advise please contact the Money Advice Service .  Retrospective claims will not be considered.

Information on other scholarships and bursaries available can be located here


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