University survey results

We would like to thank all undergraduate students who have recently completed the University of Worcester Student Survey or the National Student Survey.

We very much appreciate the feedback you provide and are currently analysing the survey results to identify areas of outstanding practice and where we can improve.

The National Student Survey results will not be available until September, but the results of the University of Worcester Student Survey are now available for the University overall, and we would like to share some of them with you.

We are delighted with the very positive ratings and comments you have provided, particularly on the quality of learning and teaching, and your general satisfaction with learning resources.  You have told us that your courses support your personal development, engage you in collaborative learning and test your skills of application, analysis and evaluation.  You say that staff are generally accessible and supportive and are enthusiastic about what they teach.

Of course this is not uniform across all subjects and courses and we have made detailed results available to subject leaders so they can identify where there are opportunities to improve.  We have also asked that results are discussed with StARs early in the first semester of 2014/15, and that subjects make their survey results and responses available to all students via Blackboard.

We have already identified some areas for improvement.  It seems we could do more to guide and advise you in making module and study choices.  We need to share good practice across Institutes and courses and make sure the academic tutor system works effectively for all of you.  And, of course, you want us to ensure that you get timely and good quality feedback on your work.

The chart below summarises the results for the University as a whole.  Look out for subject level results when you return in September.  We will also be updating our webpages over the summer to let you know what action we are taking in response to the survey results.


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