Student Dissertation Binding

The service will run from Monday 14th April until 1st May, from 10.00am until 4.30pm, Monday to Friday only.

The service will not be running on Good Friday or Easter Monday.

The service will operate from PN1014 (upper tower room) and will be run by fully trained student ambassadors.

Students will pay for their binding at Firstpoint and take their receipted form up to PN1014 and have their work bound whilst they wait or they can return the next day.

The room will be locked outside of the services opening hours so work awaiting collection will be secure.

Dissertations will be fastback bound with a blue or black back cover and a clear acetate front cover.

Pricing will remain the same as last year (£2.50 per copy).

For the last 3 days of this time period we have been unable to secure the Upper Tower room with Timetabling so we will likely be operating from somewhere in the Firstpoint Foyer on those days. Appropriate signage will be placed on the Upper Tower room doors during those days of avoid confusion.


  1. Hello, for students who have requested an extension until 15th May, will there be a dissertation binding service at a later date? Many thanks.

  2. Hi,
    Im on the PITE course. Our dissertations are in on the15th may. Will there be the facility for us to get our dissertations bonded after may 1st?

    Thank you

  3. i have an extension till 10th July-please advise where i can get my binding done as your statement doesn’t mention extensions

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