Car Park Closure (13/11/13)

The main car park at St John’s Campus (Car Park M) will be closed on the morning of Wednesday 13th November in preparation for Open Afternoon. Alternative parking for staff and students is available at the Arena and Coppertops Pub on Oldbury Road. In the interests of easing parking congestion, students and staff are kindly requested to make use of these facilities to free up space on campus. If you are disabled/a blue badge holder or have a short term disability which necessitates you using the University car parks, please contact Graham Cozens, Control Room Supervisor who will be able to work with you to identify suitable alternative parking. Graham can be contacted on or through main reception by dialling ‘0’.

One comment

  1. This is infuriating. It’s difficult enough to get a space on a regular day but it’s impossible when you close the big car park. I have at least an hour commute to get to university, I pay my tuition fees and my staff parking pass, and am still not guaranteed a space. And it looks like I’ll have to miss ANOTHER day of university because I am not prepared to drive for an hour to not be able to park to go to my lectures. You say alternative parking is available, but not close. I have Arthritis in my knees, but am not ‘officially’ disabled, and just walking from the big car park leaves me in agony.

    This is not good enough.

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