Module Selections

We are really sorry about the difficulties many of you have experienced with selecting your modules today and colleagues in Student Records are working hard to help students who are encountering difficulties.

We are sorry that you were presented with your current level modules initially rather than your next level. This has caused us additional problems which is why some of you are being presented with modules from the current year.

If you are being presented with modules from your current year you need to let us know, we will then remove them from your record.

ILS are investigating the performance issues with SOLE timing out.

We will investigate staggering the start times next year, perhaps by level but with very flexible degree programmes that let students take modules from different levels, this is not as straight forward as it might initially appear.


  1. Hello,
    My first year modules are still showing up, i did ask the woman at first point but she didnt take my name or anything so i dont know how it could have been sorted and as so still isnt sorted.

  2. hello,
    My first year modules are still showing up, i have phoned seriously people about it and they have said to keep checking each hour until they are removed and i can finally select my modules for this year. It is unfair as they is currently only 7 places left on the modules i can interested in, i have been trying to select them since 12 and had no luck yet most of my peers have confirm their modules.

  3. I am able to select my modules for next year but it tells me I have to select 75 modules!!! I have complained about the lack of choices before but this is ridiculous. It won’t let me submit anything.

  4. Hello,

    I am currently a second year student and i tried to select my modules for the next year. Unfortunately, I have noticed that i cannot choose, as all of my modules were compulsory. As a result of that, i proceeded with the confirmation.
    Now, when i go to the page where the modules could be selected, I am being redirected to the main page of sole page. I believe that probably i should have at least one or two optional modules. I would like to know if you can reset my settings back to their previous state, so I will be able to choose my modules again. My student number is 11004526.

  5. My first year modules are also showing up which is stopping me from selecting the new ones, have been trying all day and there are not many spaces left in the module I would like to pick… my student number is 12005215

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