The Language Centre offers a warm welcome to new and existing students


The Language Centre offers a warm welcome to new and existing students.


Modern Foreign Languages

If you are an undergraduate student in your first or second year, and are entitled to take a free module, you can select one of our Modern Foreign Languages, which upon successful completion adds 15 credits to your degree award.  Taking a Modern Foreign Language adds employability to your cv.


Module Code Module Title Semester 1 and/or 2 Tutor’s name and email


French Stage 1

French Stage 2

S1 and S2

S2 only

Anne-Marie Mead



German Stage 1

German Stage 2

S1 and S2

S2 only

Jenny Lewin-Jones



Italian Stage 1

Italian Stage 2

S1 and S2

S2 only

Ann Mason



Spanish Stage 1

Spanish Stage 2

S1 and S2

S2 only

Genevieve Marseglia



Chinese (Mandarin) Stage 1

Chinese (Mandarin) Stage 2

S1 and S2

S2 only

Jianghong Bates



Japanese Stage 1

Japanese Stage 2

S1 and S2

S2 only

Kinue Snookes


English language for international students

In accordance with your degree conditions you may need to take one of our English language modules, or you may have a free module and decide to improve your English skills.


LANG1440 Academic and General English

Upper Intermediate

S1 and S2 E-mail:
LANG1450 Academic and General English


S1 E-mail:
LANG1420 Academic English and Study Skills S1 E-mail:
LANG1460 General and Academic English – Listening and Speaking S2 E-mail:
LANG1492 General English and British Culture S2 E-mail:


Teaching English as a Foreign Language  (TEFL)

If you are interested in finding out more about teaching English as a foreign language, these modules are designed to introduce you to the principles and practice of communicative English language teaching. The modules can be chosen as optional free choice modules at levels 4, 5 and 6. The modules do NOT lead to a recognised qualification in TEFL.


LANG1001 Introduction to TEFL S1 and S2 Penny Dinezos Golightly

LANG2001 Language Awareness and Analysis in TEFL  


Penny Dinezos Golightly

LANG3001 Key Concepts and Principles in TEFL methodology  


Penny Dinezos Golightly


Academic English

Many students, both native English speakers and non-native speakers of English at an Advanced level, are unfamiliar with the demands and conventions of British academic writing style at higher education level. This module familiarises you with what is expected in terms of style, structure and usage in writing, as well as introducing you to effective oral presentation skills. The module can be chosen as an optional free choice module.


LANG1002 Improving English Usage and Style in Academic Writing S1 and S2 E-mail:

Did you know we also offer the following?:


  • Drop-in English Language support


Do you need help in structuring an essay, or having problems with grammar?  Come along to the Language Centre, Bredon Building, room BB076, and book your one-to-one English session with one of our qualified English tutors.  You can book one session a week, or take a chance and come along to the first come – first served sessions.  Monday to Friday 12:30 – 14:30.  If you know you have an essay or assignment and need help, don’t leave it until the last minute; our sessions are very popular.


  • Masters Support


Especially for our Postgraduate/Masters International students.  The Masters support classes are weekly throughout the semester in the Language Centre.  Attendance is optional. Please see the university’s published timetable for day and time.


  • *IELTS Preparation Courses


*International English Language Testing System, a university-wide recognised English level qualification.  Our part-time evening classes run every February, May and October and cost £180.00 for 24 hours’ worth of English classes to fully prepare you to take the IELTS exam.


  • Cambridge Preparation Courses, General English


Our part-time evening classes run during both semesters and cost £80.00 every four weeks for 16 hours’ worth of English classes to fully prepare you to take Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced or Proficiency exams.


Do you need a quiet place to study or to practise your English?


We have a room fully fitted with desks, PCs and TVs in room BB076.  This room  is open every day Monday  to Friday 09:00 – 17:00.  Come along and ask to speak to our Languages Advisor, Judy Barker; she will be happy to assist you.


Do you need to borrow a book or other resource to help with your English or Modern Foreign Language?


We have our own library with up-to-date books, DVDs and CDs; we also have recording equipment to help you with your presentations.  Call in to see Judy Barker or email her to book recording equipment.


Who do you contact if there is a problem or you have a question to ask?


If your question requires the Manager’s response, please contact the Head of the Language Centre, John Hankinson on 01905 855077 –, Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00.


If your question is administrative or personal contact our Administrator, Heather Brinkworth on 01905 855241- Monday-Friday 09:00-15:00.


All general enquiries can be emailed here: – you will receive a response within 24 hours during the working week.

Check our website, we update it regularly:


The Language Centre – University of Worcester – Henwick Grove, Worcester, WR2 6AJ

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