Important CRB Module Requirements


If you have registered for one of the following modules in Semester One 2012/13, please ensure that you apply for and obtain CRB clearance BEFORE 19th September 2012. Full details will be emailed to you and your module tutor shortly. CRB forms are available from the Student Records Office. Thank you.


DRAM3104 ENGL3022 IWCF3330 HSCO2003 HSCO2005
HSCO2006 HSPT2003 HSCPC2002 HSPC2006 MSPO4010
MSPO4020 OALM2004 SPRT1006 SPRT1015 SPRT1016
SPRT1020 SPRT2008 SPRT2011 SPRT2025 SPRT2027
SPRT2028 SPRT3001 SPRT3002 OALM3001 OALM3002
SPRT3003 SPRT3010 SPRT3011 SPRT3017 SPRT3026
SPRT3029 SPRT3030

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