Making an Impact in Sport: Supporting Others

Opportunity to receive a prize in recognition of voluntary work that helps others

1st Prize £250

2 x Runner up £125

Friend of the University, Clive Read has created this award and will be personally funding the prizes. An insight into his philosophy has been included in the information below.

Stage 1: Call for applications

The process is open to all University of Worcester students and you are asked to submit 500 words to evidence the following criteria:

Engagement in sport related community activities e.g. coaching, officiating, performance analysis, sports science support, volunteering etc.

Give examples and provide evidence for some or all of the criteria below:

  • Increasing participation opportunities
  • Improving performance opportunities
  • Offering opportunities that may not normally exist
  • Initiating new projects and role within operation of scheme

Your application must include:

  • Evidence of time management and planning (to balance studies)
  • Reflection demonstrating awareness of self-development
  • Understanding of future development of role or project

Applications should be submitted to by 4pm on the 11th May 2012

Stage 2: First consideration of applications

Stage 3: Final consideration of applications & Award of Prizes

Stage 4: Award ceremony

To take place at the Learning Through Sport event at Worcester County Cricket Club on the 30th May 2012.

All queries should be directed to Mick Donovan, Head of Institute of Sport & Exercise Science,

“Sport has the power to move us in so many ways – to joy, to tears, often frustration, and sometimes laughter.  It has a great way of binding people together and providing an outlet, a channel to make a real positive difference to so many people’s lives.  Over the years, I’ve personally enjoyed the camaraderie that cycling, running and team sports offer, as well as the general well-being and achievement you can get. 

As solicitor to the University I have been privileged to help the University grow its facilities, including the City Centre Campus, the Hive and others.  In Olympic year, the development of the Worcester Arena is a fantastic example of how the University is looking to continue its engagement with the local community.  I know that lots of other great things are happening in the area of sport related community activities and I would be delighted to reward students who can demonstrate their contributions which increase participation opportunities or improve performance opportunities. I look forward to presenting the awards to the successful students on 30 May.

Clive Read, Partner, SGH Martineau LLP

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