Do you suffer from hayfever? Are you allergic to grass pollen? Do you get itchy eyes?

If you do, you could help NPARU with a study investigating the efficacy of artificial tear supplements and cold compresses for the treatment of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis

o You must not suffer from asthma or have had eye surgery in the last 3 months.

o You will need to have a skin prick test and conjunctival challenge test to determine your level of allergy. (you will be paid for this visit even if you prove not to be suitable for the study)

o You will need to visit us three times to try the tear supplements and cold compresses. (We are based in the Charles Darwin Building) Each visit would last for about an hour.

We would pay you £8 per visit to cover the cost of your time and travel.

If you are interested in taking part or want further information please contact Louise, text your email address to 07508377618, or call in at our reception in the Charles Darwin building

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