Want to stand out to employers? Then get the Worcester Award!

We are delighted to say that the Worcester Award has now re-opened for new student registrations.

The Worcester Award is designed as a way for you to boost your employability for when you leave University and stand out from the crowd. We are now in a climate where a degree isn’t always enough and employers are looking for that extra something from Graduates. The Worcester Award is the ideal way to stand out to employers and show that you have the drive that they want.

The Worcester Award recognises activities and experiences you have undertaken both inside and outside of your assessed coursework. This comprises of elements of both paid and unpaid work, volunteering and two workshops to develop your skills.

This employer highlights the benefits of the scheme we run here at the University.

“Worcester Award winners are able to show what they have already achieved through past experiences which gives more confidence to future employers. I don’t know of many companies who would rather have someone with the potential to do great things over Worcester Award winners who have ALREADY achieved terrific results,” Tripp Martin, Enterprise Rent-a-car.

If you want to stand out to employers, enhance your employability prospects, or just learn more about how the Worcester Award can benefit you then visit www.worc.ac.uk/worcesteraward and sign up today.

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