Launch of Liftshare scheme for students

The University of Worcester has teamed up with Liftshare, the UK’s largest car-share provider, to give Worcester students their very own car-share scheme.

The scheme has been developed with the Worcester Students’ Union to encourage everyone who travels alone in cars to consider a more sustainable journey to campus (and elsewhere). The scheme enables you to register your journey details and find a suitable match using liftshare’s award-winning system, which brings together potential car-sharers.

Car-sharing has many benefits: not only is it good for the environment and helps reduce traffic congestion, but it is good for your wallet too! The scheme is free to join, completely secure, and available to all students with a University of Worcester email address.

When you register your journey details, the scheme will supply you with a list of potential matches for you to make contact with and set up a car-share agreement.

Register today to find your ideal match and enjoy the benefits of car-sharing with other members of the University.

One comment

  1. Well done Worcester. I’m in my third year of study here now and have been car sharing since I started!!!

    Nothing like being cutting edge stuff what?

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