Deadline for University Scholarship Applications – 1st December

Please note that the first deadline for applying for University Scholarships is the 1st December 2011.  These applications will be considered and applicants notified of the outcome of their submission before Christmas.

There will be a second opportunity to apply this year with a deadline of the 1st March 2012.

Please also note that it is essential to provide evidence of the amount you are applying for. Any applications received without this information will not be considered by the Scholarship Panel. Examples of evidence include costs relating to travel expenditure such as information relating to flight costs, accommodation, mileage and information from volunteer organisations.

For more information about the Scheme please read this previous post

One comment

  1. Hi.
    If I am an international student, keen on cycling, who took part in a couple of national races in Romania and I am member of the UWCyclingClub, am I eligible for this Scholarship?
    Starting with January 2012, the club will officially take part in BUCS races. Given this opportunity and the British Cycling and other minor national events held on a regular basis, I would like to race again here.
    I have experienced cross country races at home, but I also would like to try road cycling here. I have bought a bike here and I have the essentials with me, but still I cannot afford taking part in official competitions due to the costs involved (memberships, entry tax, transport). For all these, I might need a few hundred pounds. Does it worth to apply for the scholarship, taking all the information above into account? Thank you

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