I’m not studying Archaelogy but these modules appear when I’m selecting my modules…..why?

We have received a number enquiries from new students concerned when they see in one section a list of Archaeology modules on their module selection page. What you are seeing is the start of a very long list of ‘free-choice’ modules that the University of Worcester offers to many students. These modules are there to offer you choice alongside your chosen course and are counted as credit in the same way.


    1. im choosing my media and english lit modules and id rather be interested in another subject than archaeology. what do i do?

  1. I don’t want to choose any ‘free’ modules on my art course, I want to pick two (to make my selection up to 30 credits) from the first section which includes photography, digital media etc but when making my selection it says I have to pick one from each. Box so now I’m doing ceramics because that’s the only choice out of two art modules. I don’t really wantr to do ceramics, can I make a two choices from the first box to make up my 30 credits?

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