University Scholarships – last chance to apply this year

Are you involved in voluntary work, do you compete at a national level, want to attend a summer school, or volunteer to coach or teach overseas?  We may be able to help you achieve your goal

The University runs a University Scholarship Scheme each year to assist students with participating in extra-curricular activities.  You can apply for funding, up to £1000, to finance extra-curricular involvement in activities either directly related to or distinct from your course of study.

There are three categories you can apply under:

Category 1 – Voluntary activities which are community based, either in the UK, or abroad.

In 2009 a group of students received help with funding a trip to Thailand to provide voluntary teaching and another student received help with funding a trip to Sri Lanka to coach football and cricket. Other students were funded to assist them travelling to voluntary placements in the UK with charities such as Turning Point and Save the Children.

It is important when applying for a scholarship for this category that you include information about the charity you are working for, the hours involved and the location of the work.  You should provide evidence that you have been accepted as a volunteer.

Category 2 – Activities relating to a pastime or interest in which the student is involved (e.g. music or some other arts based area or elite sport – normally, there should b evidence of or recognised potential to participate at national level)

Last summer students received scholarships to assist them in participation in national sports competitions in a variety of sports including: rowing, golf, swimming and trampolining. 

It is important when applying for a scholarship for this category that you include information, and evidence, of the costs involved.

Category 3 – Activities which are course related but voluntary but, if undertaken, are likely to contribute to the scholar’s academic performance (e.g. a study visit or attendance at a conference). Please note that such activities must be organised by the individual concerned and not form part of a programme by the relevant Institute.  The fund is not intended to reimburse students for activities relating to the independent study.

This year a student has received a scholarship to assist her in attending a drama course outside of the University. She has undertaken to feed back to her peers the knowledge she gains.  Other students have received funding to assist them in attending archaeological digs which will supplement their learning experience. Again these students will provide feedback to their peers on the knowledge they have gained.

It is important when applying for a scholarship in this category that you provide written evidence of the costs involved and quantify the impact the activity will have on your academic performance.


To apply for a University Scholarship please complete a form which you can access via this blog or from the Student Records Enquiry Counter in Woodbury. The deadline for applying is the 1st March 2011 – you may only apply once per year. You will need to supply supporting documentation with your application e.g. details of any study visit, invitations or bookings. 


Please note that successful applicants will be required to participate in some form of feedback on their activity and the form this will take will be notified in the award letter.

All applications will be considered by the Scholarship Panel and applicants will be notified of the outcome before Christmas.

Completed application forms should be submitted to the Student Records Enquiry Desk by the 1st March 2011. 

Please note that this fund is not available to pay for the cost of courses run by the University.  If you are struggling with course costs or have other financial difficulties please contact the Student Welfare and Financial Advice Service  who will be able to advise you.


  1. Hello,

    I am currently studying Primary Education and I am in my first year. I have been accepted into charity work to help children in Madagascar learn English. This will be a great opportunity to give me a greater experience in teaching and to also help out deprived children succeed in a poor country by giving them help and support. I would therefore like to apply for funding for this once in a life time experience. This experience will involve me helping out in a school in Madagascar for 3-4 weeks. Below is the confirmation email from the charity that I have been accepted for this experience.

    Dear Adam,

    Thank you for sending your Application Form. Your willingness to teach English and your experience working with children make you suitable as a volunteer with our project in Madagascar.

    We have pleasure in offering you a placement for 3 – 4 weeks from July. Summer time: we run community English clubs for school children to learn words and songs.
    The Malagasy are so enthusiastic about learning English, it’s a great hands-on opportunity to develop your skills in communication, teaching and language.

    A long weekend in the rainforest is allowed in every volunteer’s schedule and if you like at the end of volunteer period you can add a week or two of holiday (at your own expense)

    Volunteers live in self-contained lodgings, in quaint small towns, in pairs or four-somes, and each person has their own work schedule depending on their interests. If you have a friend who is also interested in volunteer work, we can arrange for you to share a placement.

    Your next step is to book flights. Airfare to Antananarivo are cheaper before 15 July and after 20th August (Kenya Airways is usually cheapest) but you can decide which airline you prefer. Arrivals should ideally be between Sunday afternoon and Wednesday. More info visit As soon as you’ve booked your fllights, please forward to us your flights details.

    We will e-mail you a list of volunteers planning to arrive in July as we encourage volunteers with similar timing to get in touch with each other, so you can catch same flights or organise week end or holiday travels together if you like.

    Volunteers are responsible for obtaining their entry visa and travel health insurance during their stay in Madagascar.

    Visa requirements: you will need to provide return airline tickets, visa fee, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your visit to Mada and have adequate empty pages; a volunteer letter will be sent to you in advance to support your visa application.

    We’ll be holding our next meeting for interested volunteers on saturday 30th April in London, we will send you an invitation just in case your are available, family and friends are also welcome to come to meeting.

    Best wishes,

    Vao Brown,
    The Dodwell Trust

  2. Hi,

    I’ve missed the deadline for this year (told about opportunity too late!). There’s a summer school with intensive training that I could attend that would benefit my academic studies significantly. It’s not until July. Is there another opportunity to apply for funding?



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