The university has received a number of complaints from local residents in relation to inconsiderate parking. This includes parking on the footpath, blocking driveways and parking so as to cause obstruction.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind students that they have a responsibility to park sensibly. The local police have informed us that they will be monitoring the situation and have confirmed that they have ticketed a vehicle this week where a wheelchair user was unable to use the footpath.

You are able to avoid this issue by purchasing a permit for Coppertops – just a 5 minute walk from the University and certainly closer from the majority of roads where we are experiencing issues. This permit costs just £25 for the year and also entitles you to park on main University car parks at off-peak times.

Can I also remind you that additional parking is available at the Riverside car park – this is close to Sabrina Bridge on the Hylton Road and is signposted, this car park is pay and display.

Please be considerate when parking.



  1. I think it is an apsolute discrace how you complain that we park on side streets, and then go and close the main car park on a week day. I have to arrive at 8.30 for a 1.15 lecture as it is because you do not cater for enough students to park. I really think it is shocking, I had to fight for a space today at 8.30, I really feel that now I have given my money to the university, that then I am not important!

    1. Sandie, I totally agree!! Now we have paid our fees we are also expected to pay extra costs for other car parks when the university should actually cater for car parking spaces, but as with all other university issues it is our problem as students no one elses. I have had to fight for spaces too in recent weeks making me late for lectures. I asked a car park attendent if he was planning on opening up the grass area and he bluntly said “no, not my problem”. Shocking.

  2. I totally agree with both comments!! I have paid for a year’s parking permit and it’s a fight for a car parking space. I also arrive really early in the morning to get a parking space for an afternoon lecture, all I can say is it is RIDICULOUS. Also whilst on the subject why are the car parks locked to current students when the university has open days? I understand the university want to make a good impression and encourage new students, but current students should be able to park their car and go to their lectures without the stress of trying to find a parking space.

  3. Parking is absolutely ridiculous. I paid £100 for a permit and fully appreciate it does not guarantee you a space but it is totally immoral to sell a permit when 90% of the time you cannot get a space on campus. Perhaps the university ought to look at the number of permits they are selling for the number of spaces there are or maybe they need to reserve a particular car park for permit holders only. I think charging me £2 to park in the premium stay car park, which was the only space on campus at the time, when I have already purchased a permit seems pretty unfair. Parking off campus is all well and good if you live half an hour away but after an hour and a halfs commute it does not really appeal to park a ten minute walk away from my lecture especially when I have been willing to pay so as to avoid that situation. And in reference to closing the car park for the open day that is an absolute joke. Are the prospective students so much more important than us guys who have already chosen and paid to come here? When I purchased my permit it did not say that on certain days certain car parks would be closed for various reasons so therefore another thing that we were negected to be told. I have explored public transport but do not live on a public transport route so it does not work and would car share but nobody in my class even lives the same side of Worcester. I absolutely love the university of Worcester but am so disappointed in how they have treated the students already in relation to parking. Surely there is a better solution???

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